Book a Room

Book a Room

  1. Click on the "Office" tab to access the floorplan. 

  1. Select the desired date and time for your booking. 

  1. Perform an advanced search by clicking the drop-down arrow to refine your search based on the following criteria: 

  1. Recurrent bookings: Easily schedule and book recurring meetings or events. 

  1. Resources (devices) available: Access a wide range of resources to enhance your meetings. 

  1. Capacity of each room: Ensure the room can accommodate the right number of participants. 

  1. Type of room: Choose from various room types tailored to your requirements

  1. Click the search button to proceed. 

  1. In the Navigation Panel on the left, search for the room you'd like to book. 

  1. Click the "Book" button next to the desired room. 

  2. Alternatively, you can select the room directly on the floorplan it

  3. Once you've selected the room, proceed to fill out the necessary details in the booking form, such as attendees and meeting description.

  1. Choose the level of information disclosure: 

  1. Secret: No details of the meeting are viewable. 

  1. Confidential: Only the organizer's information is viewable. 

  1. Public: All elements of the meeting are viewable to everyone. 

  1. Review the details and click the "Book" button to confirm your reservation. 

  1. As the Admin, you have additional capabilities to edit and cancel bookings, as well as book the space for yourself and others. 


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