Booking Rules Configuration

Booking Rules Configuration

Customize Booking Rules: Configure specific booking rules tailored to your organization's needs. Set restrictions, such as minimum and maximum booking times, to ensure efficient space allocation.

1. Minimum booking time (min): Set the minimum duration required for a booking, ensuring that users cannot reserve a space for a shorter time period.

2. Maximum booking time (min): Define the maximum duration allowed for a booking, limiting the length of time users can reserve a space.

3. Maximum number of repeat bookings (time): Specify the maximum number of times a booking can be repeated, controlling the frequency and repetition of reservations.

4. Maximum lead time (day): Determine the maximum number of days in advance that users can make a booking, restricting the booking window to a specific timeframe.

5. Booking Information Disclosure Level: Control the level of information visibility for bookings, allowing you to choose whether to display booking details publicly or restrict them to selected participants.

6. Allow users to Modify their Disclosure Level: Enable or disable the option for users to adjust their own booking information disclosure level according to their preferences.

7. Desk Check-In Notification: Enable the automated check-in message feature in the desk configuration settings to send a prompt notification to users once they have successfully reserved a desk, ensuring a seamless and convenient check-in process for enhanced desk management.



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