Gaia Workspace integrates with Office 365 meeting rooms

Gaia Workspace integrates with Office 365 meeting rooms

Synchronize meeting room calendars

For room calendar sync, only new bookings created after activation of the integration are synced. Any new or changed bookings in Office365 are instantly synced with Gaia Workspace.


Step 1:Visit “Gaia Workspace” and “Microsoft Entra ID

This guide assumes that someone in your organization (or Gaia Workspace Support) has already created an administrator account for you. This account will give you access to the Gaia Workspace Setting page.


Next, you'll need administrative access to your company's Azure AD environment. Once you gain access to both environments, you can start implementing the integration.


Step 2 :Register Gaia Workspace as an application in Azure

Please follow the instruction below or use this link: (


  1. Log into Azure:
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Manage Microsoft Entra ID.

       previous “Azure Active Directory”.

  1. Then select “Application Registrations” – “New Registration”.
  2. Name your application, e.g., “Gaia Workspace”.
  3. Select “Accounts in this organization directory only”.
  4. Then click “Register”.

Step 3:Save API value

After registering the application, you will be redirected to a new page where you can find the following values. Save the “Application (client) ID” and “Directory (tenant) ID”. We need these values later.

Step 4: Create client secrets

1.      Select “Certificates & secrets” in the “Manage” menu.

2.      Click “New client secret”

3.      Enter “Description”

4.      Then choose one of the options under “Expire” menu

5.      Then click “Add”

6.      After adding a new client secret, please copy “Client secret value” and save it. (You will use this later.)


Note, if you forgot to save “Client secret value”, you can delete it and create a new one.

Step 5: Permissions Configuration

          1.       Select “API permissions” in the left menu.

          2.       Then click “Add a permission”

          3.       Select “Microsoft Graph” as API。

          4.       Under the question “What type of permissions does your application require?” Please choose “Application permissions“

          5.       Add both “Calendars.Read” and “Place.Read.All”

Note: “Calendars.Read” is used for meeting room calenders sync. “Place.Read.All” is used to link meeting rooms 

Next, you must grant administrator permissions to add permissions to the application.

1. Select the "Grant admin consent for [your company name]" button.

2. Follow the steps below to successfully grant administrator permissions to your company.

3. All permissions should have a status of "Granted for [your company name]".

Step 7:Link a room in Gaia Workspace with the corresponding meeting room

1. Please click “Setting” on the top menu, and select “Integrations”;

2. Please click “Outlook” and then click “Configure”;

3. Fill out “Application (Client) ID”, “Directory (Tenant) ID”, and “Client secret value

Note You can find this in Step 3 and Step 4

4. Then click “Connect”

Step 8: Link to Meeting room Calendar

1. Select the “Office” button on the top menu, and then click “Edit” button on the right up corner

2. Choose one of the rooms on the left and then click its “calendar” icon.

3. Once you select on the calendar icon, a pop-up page will appear. In the pop-up page, toggle the button to enable the calendar feature. Next, choose one of the calendars that you would like to link to.  

4.  After completing the steps, click on the “Submit” button. This will establish the connection between Gaia Workspace and the Office 365 conference room.

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